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There is great demand for the sought-after apprenticeships. For girls, training to become an office clerk or medical assistant is very popular; many boys would like to become car mechanics or retail salespeople. But there are also some careers outside the mainstream that are interesting for young people but are little known.

Brewer: It’s not just about the beer

A profession with a very long tradition is that of the brewer. Germany in particular is known for its distinctive beer culture and its large number of breweries. Anyone who works in this area has mastered a classic craft. The brewer is responsible for the composition and taste of the beer. It’s not that easy to create an individual and typical touch. According to the German Purity Law, beers may only contain water, yeast, hops and malt. So it depends on the right dosage.

Many breweries no longer just produce beer. Brewers also have to be able to produce lemonades or mixed drinks. Brewers don’t just sit at their desks, they have to take action themselves. Regardless of whether it is setting up a large bottling system or preparing the mash by hand.

Diamond cutter: Refining by omitting

A high level of precision is required of everyone who completes training to become a diamond cutter. You first have to take a close look at a rough diamond and then cut it with great sensitivity so that the cloudy piece turns into the most sparkling brilliant possible. But not all diamonds are suitable for later decorating a piece of jewelry. Some have such a composition that they can only be used industrially – for example as drill heads. The diamond cutter also carries out this examination and decides how the rough diamond can be processed.

In the first two years of training, the trainee learns the skills that will enable them to produce both jewelry and industrial diamonds. In the third year he has to decide in which direction he would like to specialize.

Mastermind: Knowledge of math, chemistry and physics is required

Today, the profession of mastermind is only known through proverbial usage. But it is an activity that can still be learned today. A wire puller creates wires that either give an object additional stability or are installed in cables because of their special conductivity. Anyone who has a particular passion for natural sciences such as math, chemistry and physics is in good hands with this career. The mastermind is primarily concerned with the processes in production – and this knowledge is essential. Nowadays, machines take over the pulling, ie creating, of the wires.

After production has been prepared, it is also the mastermind’s job to check the pieces produced. If they do not meet the requirements, either improvements are necessary or the entire production has to be adjusted again.

Anyone who is looking for an unusual job or would like to learn how to do it can find out more about it on the Internet. There is a lot of information and even job advertisements for rare professions there.

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