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Application with freedom: the unsolicited application
Both the design of the application documents and the HR department’s view of the application allow for several options.
With every application – despite unbridled motivation – it must be taken into account that there may not be a response, this also applies to unsolicited applications. It is always important for applicants not to let their own self-confidence regarding qualifications, CV and personality be unsettled by no or negative feedback during the application process.

Basic preliminary considerations
There is no difference in which industry an application should be: the creative sector, a craft environment, the insurance industry, a position in social services, for public administration, or in the area of ​​auxiliary activities… For a position in a social sector For a job, the tone is basically the same as for a position in banking. It is still important to take a look at cultural peculiarities in some industries.

Researching the potential employer
You want to get to know the desired professional environment, the company. This can be done by looking at its website, researching specialist topics or taking a trip to the company headquarters. You can get a personal and real first impression of the situation and your own gut feeling. Making contact through a phone call or researching friends and rating platforms can also enrich knowledge. Preparing for and writing an application can be an exciting challenge.

Different types of unsolicited applications
Some companies also offer different options for responding to advertised positions, such as video applications. With an unsolicited application, the applicant can be creative if it suits the job requirement and the company. Creating a flyer with your own profile, or visiting the company in person and acting as an employee are ideas for unsolicited applications. Even reception staff are happy about the commitment and interest shown. Regardless of whether you think of something special or unusual or simply send a written application: Ideally, applicants are authentic in their type of unsolicited application and stand behind it.

Of course, the application basics – which have been published many times – should be known or practiced. The correct formatting of a letter, correct spelling, the paragraph structure of the cover letter, an attractive design of the CV, the naming of the contact person, the maximum file size, the maximum well-thought-out content… – if you don’t have these basics ready, you have to deal with them.

If the usual written form is used, this can also be issued as a short application. A cover letter and a simple CV, without or only with the most meaningful certificates, are written for this purpose. The employer can be offered the opportunity to provide detailed information and complete documents upon request. The subject of the cover letter is “unsolicited application” and the first paragraph can be filled with a reference to why this form of application was chosen.

In most cases, unsolicited applications can be assumed to have a particular interest and motivation – these are plus points for candidates. The disadvantage of unsolicited applications is that there is greater uncertainty than with advertised positions as to whether the desired job opportunity is available.

An unsolicited application is literally a holistic initiative, from the first step, through the preparatory work, to the filing of details and ultimately the submission or execution.

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